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Twitter and Blogging

For a while now, I’ve Tweeted (and by extension, Facebooked) my blog posts. They’ve taken the format:

Blog // Title of a Post // Address to find it

I’m uncertain if this is a good practice. Instead, I’m going to try asking a question in a Tweet that might get people to tune into the blog. I’m trying to help people find valuable content that’s relevant to them rather than just shamelessly promoting myself.

Hopefully, if people are interested in the question, they’ll click through. If not, that’s cool too.

I’m not sure you wanted to know this, but now you do.

TweetDeck: My Wish List

It seems like there hasn’t been enough “nerd” around these parts lately, so…

For the past week or so, I’ve been playing with TweetDeck, a Twitter (As an aside, if you aren’t sure what Twitter is, check out this great video that explains Twitter in Plain English) client available both for the desktop and for the iPhone. I’ve been using Twitteriffic for a while now, but I decided to give this a shot. I’ve always heard great things about it, but never got into it.

Overall, I like it. Some of my favorite features:

  • Organize those you follow into groups. Then you can swipe from side to side to switch groups. My current groups are “Usual Suspects” (people I read all the time), “Sports” (news and info about my favorite sports), and “The Others” (the people who don’t fit in groups one and two).
  • Groups are then synced between your desktop install and your phone. I don’t find it incredibly useful, except for setting up new groups, which is much faster on the desktop.
  • It looks clean and feels fast. Important in a Twitter client.
  • You can tweet to multiple accounts with a single post. Great for those times when you want to push information out on your own account and a group account (@JasonTheDCE and @FirstTrinity in my case).

Of course, as with anything, there are a few issues I’d like to see resolved:

  • Scroll down to the first unread tweet on the iPhone. The desktop client can clear all seen tweets, making it easy to find where you left off.
  • Sync the read/unread status for tweets between the desktop and iPhone. It’s a pain to “catch up” when I get to the office or go mobile.
  • Make hash tags clickable so they lead to a search for that hash tag.

Improving Twitter Emails

Whenever someone follows you on Twitter, you can get an email message about it.  Here’s what you get:

Hi, Jason Christ (jasonthedce).

Sue Steege (sweetsoup) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Sue Steege’s profile here:

The problem is, lots of people will click to follow me that I don’t want following me.  Or I don’t know how in the world they found me.  Here’s what I’d like to see added to the emails:

  • How they found you. (Unknown, Clicked through @username, Twitter Search, etc.)
  • The last 5 tweets by the person who started following you.
  • A link to click to follow the person.
  • A link to block the person.

Early Morning

Well, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to finish getting packed for my trip to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering planning meeting.  I hate getting up this early because it messes with my schedule.  I’ll probably not be feeling well all day now because of it.  Thankfully, I get to N.O. by 10:30, which means I’ll be at the hotel by 11:30 with nothing to do until late afternoon.  A nap is already sounding good.

I hope to update while I’m gone, but in the meantime you can follow me on Twitter.  I’ll be tweeting (the verb form of twitter) while away.  My Twitter has updates from me (duh!), but you can also follow Sue on there as well.

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