I’m involved in an interesting discussion on a DCE email discussion group I participate in.  The discussion started around the question, “How do we measure effectiveness in ministry if not by numbers of people coming?”  Numbers are easy to measure: they are either up or down. 

It’s not a perfect measurement, however.  There could be lots of people not coming, but growing spiritually through other means.  Or people could be coming for the wrong reasons.  We could probably up attendance 200% by offering $20/week for everyone who comes to church, but is that really spiritual growth?

We like to think of spiritual growth at First Trinity as steps on a journey.  What’s the next step in your spiritual life?  Where do I go from here? 

If spiritual growth is a journey, how do we measure it?

What if there were a personal spiritual assessment tool?  A PSAT if you will.  The tool would have questions that you answer in numerical form (scale of 1-6 style), but also include room for comments.  You would take the test now, and again in a year, theoretically measuring your progress in journey. 

Let’s say we’re developing the tool.  Here are some questions I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

  1. What areas should the assessment cover?  (Example: Prayer life, Worship, Serving others)
  2. What specific questions would you include?

Sound off in the comments!