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Yo Ho, Yo Ho

Tomorrow afternoon we begin our annual trek to Huron, Ohio for the Sawmill Creek Retreat.  This year, the theme is “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Christian’s Life For Me!”  A fun tradition that we started the first year at Darcy’s suggestion is giving out awards to the kids in the evening for various things.  Here’s the “picture” side award this year:

Sawmill Pirate Award

I’m looking forward to our trip this year!

Sawmill Creek Retreat 2009

Every year we go to Sawmill Creek for the Ohio District’s Junior High Youth Gathering.  We usually win the “traveled the farthest” award, which is fun.  It’s a great time for youth to get away and experience some great speakers and musicians with 700_ other middle school students.  This year, I’m especially excited about going because it’s going to have two of the best in the business. 

Bob Lenz will be speaking.  He’s really funny.  He’s great at sharing the Gospel with teens in humorous yet impacting ways.  And the band this year will be Lost and Found.  Here are two short videos from them:



Can’t wait!

Sawmill Creek Day 3

I sit in the cozy confines of my house, now safely returned from our adventure that was Sawmill Creek 2008.  We enjoyed our time together, which should be evident in the updated photo album from our trip.  Surprisingly, my van was awake all the way home.  I made it until 8 p.m. or so before crashing for the night.

I’m thankful for the community building that happened on the retreat this year as we got to hang out, laugh, play and learn together.  Dan Scharnhorst, the speaker, was a blast.  Overall, a great time.

Sawmill Creek Day 1

Well, after 6 hours of driving, we finally made it to the resort! The roads were actually quite good for most of the trip. The last 45 miles or so were a little worse, but still passable at a modest 35-40 on the highway. We’re thankful God got us here safely!

We missed all of the evening activities, which was just fine with us. We felt like celebrities, however, as we arrived towards the end of the night. They had announced that we were the last group still coming and prayed for us at the general session. Good stuff.

We didn’t spend a lot of time preparing the blog, but here are a few quick notes for you from various people:

  • Tori: Hi Mom!
  • Randy: We’re thinking of Josh and Zack. We miss you!
  • The Remix girls: Hello from the hot tub! (See pictures below…)
  • Darcy’s car: Lick the spoon (editor’s note: I have no idea what that means…)

More later today as we get into some real activities. For now, just a few pictures for you:

Sawmill Creek 2008

Sawmill Snowfest

Our Cornerstone Remix group leave this afternoon for our annual Winter Retreat in Huron, Ohio.  We’re looking forward to having a good time there, living in the luxurious resort center.  The question is, how much time will we have there, if any?  The storm is rolling in as I type, but I’m hopeful we’ll still be able to go, which is our current plan.

The NYS Thruway Authority has a nice website with cameras that show you current road conditions.  It’s down to a single lane, but that lane is snow-free.  If we make it there, I plan to be sharing some updates from the event.  If we don’t, I’m sure I’ll think of something else to blog about.  🙂

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