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A Remix Christmas

I always enjoy the Cornerstone Remix Christmas party.  We generally do a gift exchange and play some games and do a quick devo.  We had about 30 youth and friends at the event this year.  We played a name game where youth had to give their name along with a motion (Mine was throwing both hands up in the air and kicking one leg out in front while standing on the other leg).  We went around the circle and each time someone gave their name, we all repeated the motion and their name, plus the names/motions for all previous youth.  Funny stuff!

After the gift exchange, we did a short quiz from eBibleTeacher.com.  The quiz asks questions about the Christmas story and makes you figure out what’s actually in the Bible and what isn’t.  The best youth score was 16.  Darcy got 19 correct to be the top overall scorer.  Afterwards, we talked about the importance of going back to the Bible as our only source of truth, not just accepting what the world tells us to be true.

An Amaizing Thing

There are some things in Student Ministry that I find hard to keep doing.  Number one on my list is the infamous “Lock-in”.  Students love them.  Adults don’t.  I’ve changed my practices with Lock-ins to make them more palatable to the adults, like adding mandatory “quiet” (AKA “sleep”) time. 

Recently, I’ve wondered about the wisdom of the Corn Maize.  It always seems to be cold, wet and muddy when we go.  Kids don’t wear warm enough clothes and tend to get a little chilly.  This year, Jaime’s car got stuck in the mud pretty bad.  I’m thankful for all those who helped:

  • Jeff, Susan and Marsha: offering to call AAA (which didn’t work).
  • Tim and Marsha: Hanging out in the center of the maze, watching the kids while Jeff and I helped Jaime with the car.
  • Joe and Donna: Walking the maze with Becky, Gina and other youth.
  • The owner and his boys, who pulled the car out with a tractor.

It’s not a recipe for a good night of ministry.  But here’s the amazing thing: The next morning, Brenda thanks me for doing the maze.  She’s been praying that her daughter Emily would get to know the other girls at church better and she came home with so many stories about the event, mostly because of the relationships that were formed.  She was running with those same girls at church Sunday morning.

Mystery Meal

I’m looking for ways our Remix Students (6th-8th grade) can be a blessing to our church family.  We’re going to try a Mystery Meal for the congregation.  Here’s how it works:

  • Church members sign up for a pre-scheduled dinner time (say, Sunday the 31st at 6 p.m.).  They don’t know who they will be eating with, only that they have dinner scheduled.
  • Remix students and families sign up to host the dinners.
  • The meals are prepped by the youth on the Thursday before the dinner for oven-cooking and portioned to serve 7-9 people.
  • Youth receive their invite list and call to invite their guests to dinner.
  • There is a conversation piece that comes with each dinner to help people get to know one another.

A significant portion of the church would be having dinner together, all at the same time, but we’d all be meeting in homes.  It would be an opportunity for people to get to know some new people and make some good connections.  Can’t wait.

Texts From God

Remix Open Gym 2008

Our Remix youth got together last night for activities in the gym. As usual, several of our kids brought friends. After playing some fun variations of kick ball and dodge ball (Thanks Tim!), we settled down for devos and pizza.

Darcy talked about how sometimes we only read our Bibles because its homework that is assigned for confirmation or because that’s what we’re supposed to do. She used a great illustration, having her hubby text message her during the devo and stopping the devo to check the message. Her point? We’re so eager to check our text messages because it might something important that we don’t want to miss. A great devo and very relevant to the kids!  But the most exciting part of the evening?  I got to give 2 friends of Bri’s Bibles and 1-Minute Student Devotional Bibles.  They had seen the Bible before, but didn’t have their own.  I was glad Bri brought them and we were able to bless them with these wonderful treasures!

We don’t always see it that way, but God’s Word is even more important and relevant for us today. Why aren’t we running to check God’s Word all the time? It is, after all, God’s love letter to us.

I looked online for ways to receive the Bible via text message. Two possibilities:

Both cost money, unfortunately, but it might be worth investing in it. If you have one you use, I’d love to hear it in the comments.

Sawmill Creek Day 1

Well, after 6 hours of driving, we finally made it to the resort! The roads were actually quite good for most of the trip. The last 45 miles or so were a little worse, but still passable at a modest 35-40 on the highway. We’re thankful God got us here safely!

We missed all of the evening activities, which was just fine with us. We felt like celebrities, however, as we arrived towards the end of the night. They had announced that we were the last group still coming and prayed for us at the general session. Good stuff.

We didn’t spend a lot of time preparing the blog, but here are a few quick notes for you from various people:

  • Tori: Hi Mom!
  • Randy: We’re thinking of Josh and Zack. We miss you!
  • The Remix girls: Hello from the hot tub! (See pictures below…)
  • Darcy’s car: Lick the spoon (editor’s note: I have no idea what that means…)

More later today as we get into some real activities. For now, just a few pictures for you:

Sawmill Creek 2008

Sawmill Snowfest

Our Cornerstone Remix group leave this afternoon for our annual Winter Retreat in Huron, Ohio.  We’re looking forward to having a good time there, living in the luxurious resort center.  The question is, how much time will we have there, if any?  The storm is rolling in as I type, but I’m hopeful we’ll still be able to go, which is our current plan.

The NYS Thruway Authority has a nice website with cameras that show you current road conditions.  It’s down to a single lane, but that lane is snow-free.  If we make it there, I plan to be sharing some updates from the event.  If we don’t, I’m sure I’ll think of something else to blog about.  🙂

I Know The Plans I Have For You

You know the verse, right?  Jeremiah 29:11:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I love the entire verse, but I am especially mindful of the first part this evening.  We just wrapped up the 4th Commandment at Cornerstone tonight.  Our 5th verse of the evening was 1 Timothy 5:4:

But if a widow has children or grandchildren, these should learn first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God.

We talked about caring for our parents and grandparents as they grow older.  It just so happens that next week at Remix, we are going to visit a nursing home with the youth.  Darcy and I set the schedule back in June or July, not even thinking about the obvious connection to the 4th Commandment.  God certainly knew the plan, however.

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