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What I’m Reading

One of the fun things about Google Reader is that it tracks what you’re actually reading and what you’re just marking as read with the click of the button.  Here are some of the blogs that I’ve been reading over the last 30 days, in the format (Blog, Read #, Read % – description):

I didn’t include our church staff/members blogs, except for my wife’s.  I also only included those blogs that I read 90% or more of posts, or read over 100 posts in the last 30 days.  In total, I’m subscribed to about 60 blogs/RSS feeds. 

Mark Batterson and Seth Godin have been most influential on how I think and process information.  Smashing Magazine, The Plow and a few others not listed have influenced my design ideas for ministry.  Lifehacker has turned me on to some great software tools and living tips.  I Can Has Cheezburger is just plain funny, but not everyone gets why.  I honestly thought it would lose the hilarity long before now, but it hasn’t.

Links From My RSS Reader

I’ve been backed up on my RSS reading lately (300 unread) and finally got caught up.  Here are a few of the ones I found interesting:

  • Mark Batterson thinks we need two alarms each morning.  One physical and one spiritual.
  • The Plow is offering a free set of buttons if you comment in the post and tell them your favorite Bible verse and why.
  • James Clark at Capture the Conversation has a piece on being consistent with online social media branding.  I switched to a single, consistent name online (jasonthedce) about 5 years ago, which makes it easy for people to find out about me.  Not sure if that’s good or bad, but…

What I’ve Been Reading

I read lots of different blogs on a regular basis.  Here are a few posts I found interesting in the last week or so:

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