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New and Shiny

I like things that are new and shiny.  You might also.  For me, it’s always been about computers and gadgets.  Sure, a shiny new car would be nice, but I can live with my old car.  But the latest computer hardware or home theater setup or tech gadget… Now that’s interesting to me.

I’ve noticed, however, less of a desire lately to chase those new shinies, mostly because of our financial journey.  Ironically, I now have the savings to buy a new television to replace the 20” loaner I’m using because ours broke, but I’m not really dying for it.  It would be nice, but it’s not essential.

There’s something that happens when we get control of our financial situation: We want material things less.  Sue says it’s because we focus on our blessings more than our wantings. I tend to agree with her.

Here’s how I know I’ve changed: There’s a new iPhone coming out in about a month. And I really don’t have a desire to go out and get it. I’m also not feeling bad about getting mine when I did instead of waiting for a new and better model. Because there is always a new and better thing coming.

iHas an iPhone

Well, the moment has finally arrived, only 10 months since I first posted that I wanted one: I now have an iPhone.  I wasn’t planning on getting it until Monday, but it turns out today was the day to buy.  Here’s what happened…

The Back Story
I’ve really wanted this for a long time, but I also wanted Jaime to get a nicer phone when we switched to AT&T.  Amazon was offering some nice deals on phones, but I wasn’t sure I could do that and keep both our numbers since they don’t sell the iPhone.  ATT.com had some good ones, but no slider phones with a full keyboard.

So I’ve been meaning to stop into the AT&T store to find out what they could do for us for about a month now.  I figured I’d be as prepared as I could be, then go get the phones on Monday from wherever gave us the best deal.

So I walked in this morning to find out what kind of free phones were available if I purchased an iPhone.  Kerry, the sales rep, showed me one option, but I didn’t think it was that great, so I asked if there were any slider phones for free.  No, but they might be able to work something out. 

He asked me when I was planning to buy, and I told him Monday, the day after my Verizon contract expired.  He says:

You know, we could give you a temporary number and you can buy it today.  We’ll wait to transfer your number until Monday when your Verizon contract expires.

He then went on to offer lots of incentives if I’d buy today.  I told him I’d call Jaime and see what she said, then maybe I’d be back.  So I did, and we decided to go ahead and do it.

The Deal
Here’s what I got as part of the package today:

  • No activation fees (Normally $60 total)
  • A free Pantech Matrix for Jaime (Normally $75 after rebates)
  • 20% off non-text portions of the contract ($19.98/month, $479.52 over 2 years)

When it’s all said and done, my new base contract price will be $10 more than my Verizon contract, but I’ll have unlimited data on the iPhone.  Not too shabby.

Jason iPhone The Phone
To the right you can see what my home page looks like.  Along with some of the standard applications that come built into the phone, these made the cut for home page status:

  • Weather Channel (Local weather and more)
  • The Bible (via YouVersion)
  • Evernote (Organizer for digital information)
  • Facebook
  • Google Mobile App (Access to all Google Products)
  • Twitterific (A Twitter client.  Obviously.)

So the long wait is finally over.  I’m excited to start using the phone and see what kind of fun things I can do with it.  And Jaime’s excited because she doesn’t have to listen to Pastor tell her why I need to get an iPhone.

40 Days

Today is Ash Wednesday.  We begin the countdown to the celebration of Easter today, but first we reflect on our own sinfulness and our need for a Savior as we approach Good Friday.  It’s a great time of the church year, leading to my favorite Sunday of the year, Easter Sunday.

Of course, Easter Sunday will be even more special this year (scroll to the bottom of the post).

We Wants It

Maybe not as much as this guy wanted his precious, but I want it pretty bad.  With so much of my life happening online, it just makes sense to get one.  Some of the cool new features/specs on the iPhone 3G:

  • 2.8x faster than the first generation, thanks to the switch to 3G over EDGE.
  • 3rd Party Apps are getting easier to find/install.  A WordPress blog one can’t be far off.
  • Increased battery life.
  • GPS.  I’ll probably be able to Geocache with it.  It also can do directions while driving, tracking your progress on Google MapsSeth Godin theorizes what this could mean for us.  Lifehacker too.  Slate thinks this could be the demise of GPS-only device manufacturers.

The kicker?  The phone costs $199.  $199.  My Verizon contract ends on Easter Sunday, 2009.  Monday morning, it’s off to AT&T to get an iPhone 3G.

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