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Mother’s Day

We had a great weekend celebrating Mother’s Day.  My mom came in from Cleveland, plus my sister was here from Oregon.  Some of the fun things we did:

  • Mom and I saw Star Trek.  Great movie, not unlike what Batman Begins did for the Batman series.  I really dig the fun new feel of Star Trek and already can’t wait for the sequel to come out.
  • We played On The Dot.  It’s a spacial thinking game where you have to line up the dots on clear plastic sheets to match a picture on a card.  There are only 4 dots per sheet and 4 total sheets, but it’s a lot harder than you’d think.  I did really well at first, then quickly lost the hang of it.
  • IMG_3849 Hiked down the escarpment with Mom and Jaime (Judi was gone to a wedding in Pittsburgh for Saturday afternoon/evening) to see Devils Hole.  It was a good climb with a nice payoff at the end.  There used to be water flowing through the cave into the Niagara River, but has been “dry” for quite some time.  I say “dry” because there’s still a tiny trickle that comes through the hole in the ceiling.
  • Played some Ticket to Ride and Imaginiff.  I won Ticket to Ride.  It was my only win for the weekend.  Jaime won most of the games we played.
  • Went to lunch at Applebee’s to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We waiting until Monday to avoid the crowds.

Confirmation Banquet 2009

Last night, we celebrated our 8th Graders who are getting ready to make their Confirmation this Sunday.  It’s a special day in the lives of our students, so we celebrate them at a special banquet every year.  Everyone gets dressed up and we put on an amazing spread of food for families.

Each year, we get comments about how great the event is, but especially about the food.  That’s all thanks to Mike Hangen and his crew of helpers.  This year, that was Anne Miller and Kathy Figini.  (Kathy #1 of Kathy, Cathy, Kathy, Cathi, Kathy fame.)  The team outdid themselves again this year!

Another special piece of the banquet is that our High School students serve the meal to the 8th Graders.  Megan, Shannon, Hope, Kelsey and Anna were our serving crew this year.  It’s fun to see them serve, but especially fun for this event as they wait on the “Rising Freshman” as they are starting to be called.

The best part, however, is this is an opportunity for students to get some one-on-one focused time with their parents.  Just like with Everyday Faith: My Bible and the Senior Blessing Event, we want to provide opportunities for families to have special moments with their children.  For many of the kids, this is probably one of the few times when they’re able to be the sole point of attention for their parents. 


Tim is interested in hearing more about my sister’s short comment about our kitties.  It might appear again, so here’s a quick primer for everyone else as well…

  • It comes from the Zeitz family, at least as far as I’m concerned.  That would be my Mom’s family.  How it got started there is unclear to me.  Perhaps Mom will tell us in the comments…
  • It’s spelled M – U – H. 
  • Sometimes it is spelled and said together: “M – U – H, Muh!”
  • Sometimes it’s on you: “Muh on Jason!”
  • Sometimes you are one: “Jason is a Muh!”
  • Sometimes it’s both: “Muh on Jason, Jason is a Muh!”
  • It’s not mean.
  • Jaime thinks it means “Sucks to be you,” but she’s an outsider, not raised in the Muh tradition.  She’s learning though.  Around 10 years of exposure and she’s starting to get it down.  I think she still secretly thinks she’s right about the meaning, but she plays along.
  • It works when you don’t know what else to say about a situation, but it’s best to know your audience and whether they can take the “Muh” at that time.

Now you know a bit more about my family “Muh” tradition and could probably survive a Zeitz family party. 

You also might now have a sense for what an unbeliever feels when they walk into our church with so many strange phrases, symbols and traditions that we just “know” because we grew up in the family.  Maybe this is why Paul went to people in their culture to share the Gospel with them.  Maybe we should speak their language instead of expecting them to know ours.

Senior Blessing Event

We had a great time yesterday at our special Everyday Faith event for seniors and their parents.  We had a nice meal prepared by Jon, Wendy and kids, then enjoyed time to look back at the family’s journey together and remember all the times spent together.  It seemed like the families all enjoyed themselves.  It certainly turned out even better than I had hoped for, so that’s good!

Living The High Life

After a great Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, Jaime, my mom and I traveled to Chicago to spend yesterday and today with my sister. Her apartment is located downtown, on the 28th floor, looking west and north. The view is amazing. We spent Friday night walking around the city, hitting famous places like The Magnificent Mile (which was crazy busy with holiday shoppers), Macy’s on State Street (9 floors of shopping, a 3-story Christmas tree, a food court and more), and had dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery (I had the Herbed Lemon Chicken with Asparagus).

Today we’re looking forward (well, some of us are…) to going to Daly Plaza to see the Christmas tree. There’s also our 3rd Thanksgiving dinner on tap for later this afternoon. Yum!

UPDATE: Pictures from our recent trip to Chicago are now online. Be sure to check out the bean and the view from my sister’s roof.

Give Thanks

With thanksgiving tomorrow, I continue to be thankful for so many things in my personal and professional life. Jaime and I will travel to Cleveland for Thanksgiving day, then on to Chicago for 2 days to visit her brother and my sister. When we lived in Katy, we weren’t able to see our family so often, so it’s great to be in a place where we’re able to do that. We’ll stay at my sister’s place in downtown Chicago, about 3 blocks from the famed Michigan Avenue.

Among other things, I’m also thankful for our youth. When I checked my office mailbox this morning, I found a nice note from Pastor Carl thanking our youth. Not only did our youth have a great time at the Road Rally, but those who were the recipients of the service appreciated it and enjoyed having the youth there as well. It’s a great example of the Body of Christ at work.

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?

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