One of the things I’ve been working on is developing some consistent looks throughout our ministries that reflect our story. Eventually, I’d like all of our graphics to have similar themes and follow some consistent design guidelines, but still be tailored for a particular ministry area. Lately, I’ve been working on bringing that consistent look to Everyday Faith.

Everyday Faith is a ministry that walks alongside families, marking spiritual milestones and helping families connect with God’s Word along the way. There are programs from birth through High School graduation that happen. This quarter, the “My Bible” event is running for students in grades 3 and 4 and their parents. They’ll gather around the Bible and learn how to grow closer together with God. We decided it was time to update the PowerPoint slides for Everyday Faith, so we created a new look to complement our existing designs:

Typically, we try to reserve the bottom 20-25% of a slide for artwork and the remaining 75-80% for content related to the ministry. Much like our worship slides, the logo is in the bottom left corner. We’d actually be able to use this slide in worship and not make any changes to our existing slides beyond the background switch. We simplified the Everyday Faith logo in the bottom right to use the same font as our Kingdom Quest ministry, our primary Children’s Ministry program.

It was important for the graphics to include life, energy and motion. These are key concepts critical to spiritual development and children’s ministry, so we wanted to convey them visually. The children jumping did a nice job of bringing in those elements. We’ll also be able to expand on this slide as needed for the other stages of Everyday Faith. Parents holding a baby can replace the jumping children for the Baby Blessing Event. High School students can be swapped in for the High School Graduation Event.

I’ll post another set of graphics later this week with our updated table tents for the event that use the Kingdom Quest images (with one replacement).