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How I Got Out of Changing a Poopy Diaper

Jaime changes most of Addison’s diapers, just by virtue of the fact that she’s home with her more often than I am.  So when I’m home, I like to help out with the diapers.  I can’t imagine anyone saying it’s fun to change the diaper, but the time with her on the changing table can be fun as she smiles and kicks through the process.

Last night, as we got home from the Superbowl party we were at, it smelled like something was burning in the car.  Rather than just assume we had to take it to the shop to check it out, I thought I’d pop the hood and look around.  I’m not super handy with fixing cars, so I’m not sure what I expected to find that I could fix, but it’s the manly thing to do so I did it.

What I found got me off the diaper hook.  It seems that it was not a belt going bad or the oil being too low.  Nope.  Instead, it was a medium-sized furry creature with a longish tail.  I’m thinking it crawled up in there after Jaime parked the car because it was warm, then fell asleep.  Only to be baked next time we took the car out.  Nice. 

About 20 minutes later, I had gotten it out and into the trash without getting any on me.  Go me!

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