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Six Months

Half a year.  It’s now been half a year since Addison was born.  As I think back on the last half-year with her, here are some thoughts I have:

  • How did we get so blessed? Our Father must love us.
  • Parents are biased, but I think she’s the most beautiful baby ever.
  • She wakes up like me. Groggy for a bit, not sure if she’s happy to be awake or where she is, and then suddenly in a good mood.
  • Our life has changed so much because of her, from our finances to how we spend our time.
  • Not only would I not go back to our life pre-Addison, I don’t even miss it. Not one bit.
  • Being a Daddy is fun.  From bouncing her on my legs, to holding her above my head and flying around like an airplane.  From giving her bottles to carrying her up to bed half-asleep in my arms.
  • How did we ever live without her in our life?

Anyway, Happy half-birthday, Addison!  Daddy loves you!

Happy Birthday Jaime

Today is Jaime’s birthday.  I’m so glad that God made her and brought us together.  She’s an excellent wife to me and an even better mother to our little Addison. 

She has no “Happy Birthday to Me” post on her own blog, so you can leave birthday wishes in the comments here until she fesses up to having a birthday.

So thankful for Jaime today!

Happy Birthday To Me

I’m about to head to bed and wrap up my actual birthday, though we will actually be celebrating a few days late because of the Sawmill Creek retreat I was on.  Here are a few highlights of the day:

  • Darcy and the youth got me Lost and Found’s Speedwood Hymns CD.  It’s old favorites with the Lost and Found flavor added in.
  • Mom and Jaime had a birthday party for me with the youth at my mom’s house, where we stopped for dinner on the way home from Sawmill.
  • Instead of candles on a cake, I got to blow out a single candle in a Chipotle Burrito.  Man those burritos are yummy!  🙂
  • Addison gave me her first card.
  • Jaime is taking me shopping to get an iPhone accessory, which continues my tradition of owning an accessory before the actual piece of equipment. The last one was a Wii Backpack that Jaime got me for Christmas, approximately 6 weeks before I got a Wii.
  • Jaime and I are headed to Outback for my birthday dinner.

I look back at the last year and realize a lot has changed since I wrote about turning 31.  Most notable, Addison entered our life and changed our world forever.  She was alive for my last birthday, we just didn’t know it.  It was actually on March 17 that we found out about Addison.  Jaime told me about it at Applebee’s.  Fun memory.

Lots of other things changed I’m sure, but none so amazing as Addison.  It was fun to have her with us for this birthday, her first family birthday party.  I’m looking forward to many more with her.

Birthday Wishes 2.0

By an almost 5:1 margin, Birthday Wishes is my most popular post.  In fact, it currently makes up 11.7% of all hits to my blog.  I can only assume it’s because of the file name (birthday-postcard) that shows up frequently in Google Image Search.

We’ve just about run out of the postcards from the previous post, so it’s time to order more.  Here’s the new design:

Birthday-Postcard-Front Birthday-Postcard-Back

The hand shot, Love and Care, was purchased through StockXpert.  Because of copyright issues (I think there are issues… They won’t answer my question.), I’ve added the watermark to the image here.  The back is an updated version of our current postcard design to include the address for the church and the FTSM text on the Compass as a watermark in the background.

Eventually, we’ll have 3-4 different designs that we’ll use so we can rotate through them each year to avoid sending the same postcard every year to students. 

Must-Have Facebook App

Yes, that’s correct.  I found a Facebook App that you must install.  It’s called fbCal. Once installed, it creates an iCal file for your friends’ birthdays and another for events you register for on Facebook.  The events aren’t useful to me, but the birthdays thing is great.  I subscribed to the iCal file in Google Calendar, then set up default reminders of 2 days and 15 minutes for every birthday.  Great stuff if you’re using Google Calendar or any number of other calendar softwares that support iCal imports.  MySpace needs something like this now.

Enjoying God’s Creation

Jaime and I spent the afternoon/evening with our good friends celebrating our birthdays.  It only took us 2.5 months to find a time that worked for everyone.  We grilled out, had a great meal and then went Geocaching.  We head to Allegheny on Monday for another day of caching.  The weather sure has been great this weekend!

Happy Birthday to Me

As Sue points out, it is indeed my birthday today.  While I didn’t make the list, there are lots of famous births, deaths and events that share my birthdayFlickr turns 4 today, which is approximately 12.9% of my age. 

I’ve received one phone call this morning already from Jaime’s Dad.  There was no mention of an iPhone being in the mail to me, nor did he mention whether or not he got the reminder to purchase me one that I put in his phone about 6 months ago.  Here’s hoping!

No big plans for the day at this point.  Just hanging out with Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii and getting over the plague that finally seems to have gotten a hold on me.

Birthday Wishes

About 2 months ago now, we ordered some birthday postcards from VistaPrint that we could send out to our youth.

Student Ministries Birthday Postcard

So far, it’s been a great investment. Towards the end of the month, Alicia runs a list of all the youth birthdays in our database and gives it to me. I then take about 15 minutes to write out 10-12 cards each month so that each student gets one. I’ve actually had several kids and even a few parents thank me for the card. Sometimes we get caught up in having to create big, awesome, expensive events to reach students today. While quality is important, the truth is that they get enough of that from the world. They just want to know that we care about them and they mean more to us than a check mark on an attendance sheet.

The other great thing that has come from the birthday cards is that it keeps the kids in front of me and gives me a chance to pray for them as I write the card. It’s such a small commitment of time on our side, but the dividends are huge. Sounds like a good investment to me!

As an aside, if you’d like your student to receive a card from us, please make sure we have their birthday. You can send it along in email to me, Alicia or Kathy and we’ll get it added to the system.

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