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Billboard Top Hits: Dead and Gone by T. I.

We’re doing a series in High School Sunday School called Billboard Top Hits.  Youth are able to vote one week for one of six songs, all at the top of a different Billboard Music Chart.  In addition to looking at themes brought out by the music, we’re trying to teach our youth to be discerning when they listen to music or consume other forms of media.

The first week we did it, we looked at You Found Me by The Fray.  We used this excellent Bible Study from St. Thomas the Apostle Life Teen.  It’s amazing how much the story parallels Job’s experience with life.

This past week we looked at Dead and Gone by T. I.  Lots of great stuff to examine in that song also, even though the lyrics have lots of ****’s in them.  You can hear the song on Grooveshark if you’d like, then follow along with the study we did.

Up next: Know Your Enemy by Green Day.

Billboard #1s

Continuing the theme of new things in Student Ministry this year, we’ve added a new series to the Crossroads Sunday School:


The Sunday before the series starts, we’ll be voting on some of the top songs at Billboard’s music charts.  The highest vote-getter will be the basis for our lesson the following week.  The plan is to look at popular culture and see what spiritual issues it raises and what the Bible says about those things.  Most of our students are listening to this music, so we want to explore it with them and teach the skills to identify those spiritual issues and bring them back to the Scriptures on their own.

This song probably won’t make the list (thanks to The Plow):

How did Christian music ever make it out of the early days?

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