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Fantasy Idol Standings: The Final 2

We’re down to the final two on Idol. Thanks to my diligent wife, here are the almost final standings for our Fantasy Idol pool:

Jen – 8
Pat – 11
Sue – 11
Jason – 14
Jaime – 14
Kathy – 15
Tracy – 15

Idol just hasn’t been as good for me this year, and may actually be my last year watching it. It might be partly because we’ve been so busy with things at church and home that I just haven’t gotten into it as much this year…

Fantasy Idol Update: The Top 6

Here are the standings after four weeks of eliminations, as calculated by Jaime:

Jen – 4 pts (still the one to beat!)
Pat – 5 pts
Sue – 6 pts
Jaime – 6 pts
Kathy – 7 pts
Jason – 7 pts

One of these years, I’m going to win my own game on my own blog. Right now, it’s not looking promising.

Fantasy Idol 2010

So, despite the fact that I haven’t blogged in like forever, people have been asking if I’m doing a Fantasy Idol game this year… Sure, why not.

Here’s how it will work this year:

  • You’ll pick the finishing order for the top 10. You have until 8pm on March 31 to set your picks.
  • You’ll get 1 point for every spot you’re off. In other words, if you choose Katie Stevens to finish 8th and she finishes 10th, you’d get 2 points.
  • The lowest point total at the end wins.

As you know you’re picks, leave them in the comments here.

Fantasy Idol Finals

It’s been several days since the American Idol finale.  The little I saw was good, though the bikini girl/Kara piece looked to be a ratings grab.  In the end, I’m glad Kris won.  Adam was unique, but I think Kris sells more records than Adam, but Adam will deliver a much better live show.

Here are the final results for our Fantasy Idol pool:

Kat 60
Lisa Criste 54
Suzer Steege 53
Addie’s Auntie Jen 50
Kristina Beras 50
Phyllis 49
Caroline Criste 46
Kathy 46
Tracy Bramwell 45
Jaime 45
Zach Attack 44
Kelsey 43
Jason Christ 39
Mark Bramwell 38

Thankfully, I did not finish in last place.  Kat is the winner of the pool this year, giving all six of her points to Adam.  Despite his loss, Kat was able to hold off Lisa for the win.  Congrats to everyone who beat me.  Big thanks to Mark for taking last place and saving me the embarrassment of losing my own game.

American Idol Finale

It’s been a long, strange season for us watching Idol.  I haven’t been as into it this year, which is odd.  I thought the show was pretty good this evening, but I was expecting more from Kris. 

I’ll stand by my Twitter prediction, however, and choose Kris to win it all.  He should get more of Danny’s voters than Adam, and sometimes a weak performance can influence the fans to actually vote.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow evening!

We’ll also crown our winner in Fantasy Idol tomorrow evening.  Don’t miss it!

Howard Dean You Are Not

Good show this evening.  I enjoyed seeing Daughtry perform, but Paula was … bad.  It sounded like a recording, not a live performance, which is just plain lame if that’s what happened.

I especially enjoyed Danny’s candidness when it came to his awful scream at the end of his song.  I thought for a moment that he might pull a Howard Dean:

Thankfully, his scream did not do him in.  Whew. 

Jaime reminded me that we haven’t had a Fantasy Idol update in a while, so here it is:

Kat 54
Lisa Criste 52
Addie’s Auntie Jen 48
Phyllis 47
Kristina Beras 46
Suzer Steege 46
Zach Attack 44
Caroline Criste 44
Kathy 44
Kelsey 43
Tracy Bramwell 43
Jaime 43
Jason Christ 38
Mark Bramwell 35

I am happy to report that I have climbed out of last place.  I still have no hope of winning, but at least I’m no longer in last place in my own pool.  The race is effectively down to two participants.  Kat has all six points tied up in Adam.  Lisa has 2 points for Danny and 2 for Adam. 

Rat Pack Review

I thought it was a pretty good show this evening.  Kris Allen is growing on me and could pull off an upset along the way.  I’m not sure he can win it all, but maybe.

I keep wanting to like Alison more, but every week she’s just ok for me.  I expect her to be in the bottom three.  Matt should be there also and either Kris or Danny.  I have to go with Kris, but don’t be surprised if it’s Danny.

Matt will go home.


I didn’t watch the American Idol results show last night.  Turns out, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.  What were they thinking?  Using the save on Matt Giraud?  How incredibly dumb.

I can only imagine what Kelsey will say about this after they didn’t save Scott… 🙂

Well, here are the Fantasy Idol standings, reflecting Matt’s saved status:

Addie’s Auntie Jen 30
Kat 30
Lisa Criste 30
Phyllis 30
Kelsey 28
Tracy Bramwell 28
Zach Attack 28
Caroline Criste 26
Jaime 26
Kathy 26
Kristina Beras 26
Suzer Steege 26
Mark Bramwell 24
Jason Christ 22

I am doomed to finish in last place I think.  The only question now is how far out of first I’ll finish.

Idol Review: Top 10

Good show last night, at least what I was able to watch.  I missed Matt Giraud and Kris Allen, though I did see the judges’ take on Kris.  Addison decided to scream her lungs out during Michael Sarver and Lil Rounds, so I only was able to hear bits and pieces of them. 

All that being said, here are my thoughts on the evening:

  • Adam Lambert is probably the most versatile of the idols this year.  I’m still not a huge fan, but he’s growing on me.  I imagine it’s hard to pull out a surprise each week and he’s done so each time.
  • Danny was great, but I’m surprised none of the judges commented on his opening video “Smokey is right” moment, only to start singing the song and he went with his own version. You can tell they were rushing to make the break so they could finish on time, so that’s probably why no one said anything.
  • I couldn’t understand Allison this evening. 
  • Megan Joy was bad.
  • Scott too.
  • Anoop was forgettable.
  • Lil looked good and sounded good from what I could hear, but not great, which I expected her to be.  Simon was right about the song not giving her a “moment” to remember.

Michael Sarver should go home.  Megan Joy and Scott MacIntyre should round out the bottom three.

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