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The Digital Business Card

I found an absurd deal on hosting for my own website.  It was such a steal, I couldn’t pass it up.  I got a 90% discount on 2 years of hosting, or 2 years for $20.  Not bad.  I’ve always considered getting a website, but what would I put there?  I decided on making it a digital business card.

Here’s what happens with business cards these days.  We pay money for them, then they go out of date because we move, change blog services, change emails, stop using this service and start using that one.  So instead, why not get business cards printed that point to your personal website and make it a digital business card.  Check out my digital business card, at JasonTheDCE.com.  It currently has six links out to various services that I use:

  • WordPress Blogging
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • PicasaWeb
  • YouTube
  • Email

Check it out and let me know what you think!

EDIT: I wrote this post without knowing about Church Crunch’s “Do Bloggers Need Business Cards” blog contest.  I’m making this my “entry” in the hopes of winning free cards.

Three Generations


My mom found an old blanket in the attic just before we came home for Christmas this year.  It’s the blue one that Addison is wrapped in in the above picture.  It was the blanket that my dad was wrapped in when he was a baby, and the one I was wrapped in when I was a baby.  At Christmas, we got the three generations together for a fun picture.

Homeward Bound

We’re about to leave for Cleveland for Christmas.  It’s about 3 hours later than we had originally planned, but this is why we planned for Tuesday and not Monday evening or Wednesday, when we have a time deadline to arrive in Cleveland.  Our normal trip takes 3.5 hours to complete.  We expect some snow in Pennsylvania, a few extra stops to manage Addison and at least one feeding along the way.  Thankfully, she’s been pretty good in the car the few times we’ve taken her out, so we’re hoping she’ll sleep in the car along the way.

Guesses for how long it’ll take to get there?

Christmas Tradition: Pepperoni Bread

One of the Christ family traditions is having Pepperoni Bread on Christmas morning.  Mama Christ usually makes it by herself and we all arrive to eat it, but this year we did the baking at our place when Mom came to visit.  The baking took place on November 29, Addison’s due date.  I’ve just now had time to edit the video and upload it to YouTube.  Here it is:

Mystery Gift

We got a package from UPS this evening.  It came from Texas, shipped directly from Living Stones.  It didn’t come with a packing slip, so we’re not sure who sent it, but we have our guesses.  If you read the blog, mystery sender, we’d like to thank you!  Here’s what was inside:

Addison Naomi Gift 1

Addison Naomi Gift 2

Finding Our Stride

We’ve had a few good nights in a row with Addison lately.  We seem to be developing a routine for her to help keep her calmer in the evening.  She’s still getting anxious in the evenings, but we’re catching it early enough to keep her from going ballistic and keeping us up all night.  Whew.

In other news, I’m finding it harder to think about what I should blog about each day outside of Addison.  I’m sure it’s just part of the transition, but she’s just so all-consuming right now.  Not sure how much more ya’ll can take between me and Jaime writing about little else.  🙂

Ups and Downs

Parenting sure is an up and down ride!  We seem to be alternating between really good days and really bad ones.  Addison goes from being extremely fussy all day to being the perfect baby all day.  Bizarre.  We’re looking forward to getting to the point where bad days are the exception, not part of the pattern. It’s incredibly painful to watch Addison cry and have no idea what to do to get her to stop.

One Week

Addison is one week old today.  It’s amazing how much she’s grown in the first week of life.  Jaime has uploaded some of the pictures from the past few days since we’ve been home:

IMG_0536 Addison December 7

Addison December 8

We’re headed to our very first visit to the pediatrician today.  Should be good and will likely include lots of questions for the Doc.


Now that we have a baby, we’re working on a smaller budget, which means less luxury items around here.  Not that we were very “luxurious” before the baby, but now we’re even less so. Funny story about one “luxury” item in particular, a new television:

When Jaime told me she was pregnant, I immediately started thinking about how we’d be able to afford this.  My first realization: our new HDTV wasn’t going to happen.  The extra funny thing is that we always said we’d get new kitchen cabinets and a big screen TV before having babies.  Later it became a treadmill and a TV.  We got the treadmill, then she got pregnant, and I never got my TV. Now, when we can’t really afford it, our TV is starting to die and we’ll need to buy a new one soon.

So here’s the deal.  I’m going to start looking for “freelance” stuff to raise money for a TV.  Specifically, I’m going to advertise some sort of computer services on Craigslist and see what happens.  I’m not looking for a ton of stuff to do, and it probably won’t start for a couple months once we’re over the initial learning curve of being a family, but I’m looking for help now about what to advertise. 

If you were going to hire me to help with something on your computer, what would it be? Some things I’m thinking about are teaching software skills (Word, Excel, etc.), Spyware/Virus Removal and Antivirus/Antispyware software installed or basic typesetting (like building a resume, portfolio, etc.)  I’m not looking for anyone here to hire me, just ideas for what you think others might need help with in the technical realm.  Leave your suggestions in the comments or email me directly if you prefer.

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