Found this post shared in a Facebook group I’m a part of for church people involved in communications. Very interesting stuff in the article, especially about how Facebook is a form of reaching into our community. As we think about new ways of measuring engagement outside of the church and living our faith outside the four walls of the church building, stuff like this will be super helpful.

I’m especially interested in the possibilities for posting quotes from the sermon and/or scriptures and celebrating volunteers. Interesting stuff.

For a church that’s only 3.5 years old and worships just over 400, we have just reached over 3000 likes on Facebook. And here’s the coolest part about the people that are engaging with us on Facebook: 98% of the likes and the people that are reached are people within our immediate context.

Source: 7 Effective Ways to Use Facebook for Churches and Why it Matters! | theCross Mount Dora