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Lenten Worship Backgrounds: New and Expanded!

Back in 2012, I released my first set of Lenten Worship Backgrounds. At the time, we were using the same blank slide for the entire service. I’ve since gone back and re-done the slides to include the different parts of the service. Here’s a preview of some of the slides:

You can access the full set of backgrounds for General Lent/Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday via this Dropbox folder. There’s a green version for use on Easter in the original post linked above, but it’s only the blank slide. I ended up creating a completely different set for Easter.


  1. Michael Schutz

    Hi Jason, and thanks for your work on these! We’ve been using the blank slides for Lent, and are going to continue to use the Easter ones through that season too.

    • Jason Christ

      Glad to hear it!

      We are still using some of the icons you developed for my confirmation curriculum in our “normal” worship set. There’s a bread/chalice from the Lord’s Supper and the dove from the The Creed set.

  2. Marlou Bella-Isip

    Hi Jason! Thank you very much for sharing your slides. They’re beautiful! I’ll be using it for for our worship slides this Lenten Season. God bless your ministry.

    In Christ,

    • Jason Christ

      Happy to be of service. Blessings on your services this Lenten season!

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