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FREE Advent PowerPoint Backgrounds

Advent is just around the corner. If your church is looking for some free backgrounds to use in worship (or wherever) during the season, you’re welcome to download and use these as you see fit. As I worked on the design, I wanted to capture the spirit of Advent, while staying away from the candle motif. As we think about Advent being a season of anticipation as we journey towards the birth of Christ, it felt like Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem was a good fit.

The silhouette in the background came from Shutterstock.These files may be freely distributed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License. Please link people to this blog post when sharing the files. You might also be interested in my other backgrounds.

Download FREE Advent Backgrounds


  1. Brian Pike

    Hey Jason, thanks for the backgrounds! I used them for our cover slide for our website. Just wanted to let you know, to thank you, and to let you know I’m looking forward to next year’s 🙂

    • Jason Christ

      Glad to hear it Brian!

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