Stormtrooper Waiting

Have you ever heard someone say that praying for patience is dangerous? Here’s how the reasoning works: “If God is truly perfecting us, and practice makes perfect, He might just give you something to be patient about!” I know it sure seems to be true whenever I pray for patience.

Where do you need patience in your life? As I reflect on that, I often think about all the tough and trying things going on. When people are annoying me or circumstances are not going my way, I often find myself praying for patience. Yet we are now entering the Christmas season, a time of great joy and expectation.

I remember waking up as a kid on Christmas morning and seeing all those beautiful presents sitting there waiting for me to tear into them. It was like they were calling to me, full of wonder and mystery, with never-ending possibilities of what might be mine. They were adventures waiting to be explored and for fun to be had.

And it had been revealed to Simeon by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. Luke 2:26

Imagine how Simeon must have felt to know that he would not die before seeing Jesus, the Messiah promised of old. Imagine waiting your whole life hoping for that day, and then to find out it would happen in your lifetime. What great excitement he must have felt going to the temple each day, hoping this was the one that would bring him face to face with his Savior!

What promise have you been patiently waiting God to fulfill? What prayer of hope have you been patiently waiting to have answered by God? God is on His throne, working His plan. This Christmas, we celebrate again that the Savior has come and will come again!

And so we—like Simeon—wait patiently for His arrival. We wait patiently for the true Hope of all earth to arrive. So keep praying. Be patient. For Jesus is coming, and He will restore all hope.