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Hidden Words

We’re wrapping up a series in Sunday School this week titled TXT. It’s a look at God’s Word—historical notes, background, characteristics and how to study it. This week focuses on studying it. One of the key verses is Psalm 119:11:

11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

As I think about ways to communicate what this means to students beyond the standard “You need to memorize God’s Word”, it struck me that this is similar to studying for a test and learning something.

It seems that more often than not, students (and us adults too) like to cram for a test. Get all the knowledge in our head, get through the test, then wipe the slate clean for more information. Our teachers always told us that studying a little bit each day and learning the material would take us much further.

Many of us are eager to turn to God’s Word in a crisis. It’s much like cramming for that test. We need a shot to get us through the tough time, then we push it out of our minds. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with turning to God’s Word in a crisis, but what if we spent time regularly studying it? Internalizing it? Hiding it in our hearts? How much better off would we be?

What do you think? A fair analogy to make?


  1. Darcy F

    I think too often we let Pastor do this work for us, thinking we will pick it up by osmosis on Sunday morning. As teachers, I also think we too often assume people HAVE memorized key verses like John 3:16, when perhaps they have not. One thing I am thankful for is the AWANA program my kids are in. They literally memorize HUNDREDS of verses. My guys memorize pretty well and soak it up, but even kids who don’t have them at least in their heads for a little while. God promises His Word will not return without affect and I am trusting all this seed planting will bear fruit!

  2. Tim


  3. Pam

    I totally agree on the importance of memorizing scripture! I had to memorize lots of it during confirmation and so much of that is still with me today as I now choose to continue to memorize scripture on my own.

    But the question is how to get kids to see the importance of it in their lives…

    I think they begin to see the importance when they spend lots of time talking to each other about the relevance of scripture to their lives. Being able to look at the world that they live in, talking about it with each other and using Scripture for guidance , direction and support, help them to internalize it and allow those seeds to take deeper root. They begin to see the relevance of scripture as real and powerful, rather than just another school subject they are forced to sit through.

  4. theasley

    Wow. That’s perfect. I’m so glad I had parents and church leaders who taught me to study God’s word every day. I still do that, and it is a great blessing. I know those crises and moments of struggle have been prevented, even, because I learned true principles before the problems could strike.

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