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Increasing Scrip Awareness/Sales

I’m looking for ways to increase sales for our Scrip program, one of three ways we pay for Short-Term Missions around these parts. I’m starting to work on two publicity pieces for people:

  1. A new “What is Scrip and Why Should I Care?” type of brochure. There are still lots of people who don’t know much about the program I imagine.
  2. A Christmas Scrip flier.

So I’m looking for some help:

  • What are questions you have about Scrip?
  • What are things people who’ve never heard about it would like to know?
  • What gift cards are especially important to have in stock at Christmas?
  • What would make cards sell better at Christmas?

Really, any ideas you have for raising awareness and/or sales, I’d love to hear them, so post them in the comments, please!


  1. sweetsoup

    One thing I wonder is do we have to call it SCRIP at all? For me that just confuses things. Could we call it the Gift Card Program or something like that?

    Excited to see the fliers!

  2. theasley

    I certainly don’t know what Scrip is. Is it some sort of promotion?

  3. Tim

    Extras for the coffee shops/lunch places might be good at Christmas for members to give to the postal delivery person; cleaning people and other service personnel. Maybe we could “brainstorm” some ideas over lunch.

  4. Jason Christ

    Scrip seems to be the commonly used name for programs like this in the U.S. Scrip is actually a word that means “substitute money.” The basic idea is that we sell gift cards at face value but make a profit on the purchase of said gift cards as we get them at a discounted rate. We use Great Lakes Scrip (GLScrip.com) as our provider.

    @sweetsoup: It felt like a mouthful when I tried using that language briefly. Maybe there is another name for it that’s more catchy?

  5. Darcy F

    I agree a different name might help. Who are you trying to increase orders from? In church or out?

    I could probably take forms to people I know, sort of like the youth did for their trip.

    I would also say a start of month push might be good, as many people get paid at the end of the month and that would be when they might be planning ahead and making the purchases.

  6. Pam

    2 things

    I think it would be great if we had available some small envelopes like you would get if you were buying a gift card at a store…makes it easier for gift giving.

    Also, a form for youth to pass out to relatives, etc, that may be purchasing holiday gift cards anyway. The form could say something like, “Want to save gas and time and still get your holiday gift cards?” I think it would be important to mention that the cards do not have fancy envelopes, unless something is provided.

    I agree with a name change…I still feel like pronouncing it wrong =)

  7. Eric Fesmire

    Hmmm… just took at look around the church and hallway. I admit, I don’t usually use the program (Darcy does that for us) and I’m not paying attention when you all are there. But…here’s are somethoughts from a casual non-observer:

    1 – I think you need signage. I don’t know what you have at the Ministry Support Center (MSC) now, but a sign (8.5X11 is probably fine) that’s bright and well done. Put one a) at the information Center direction people around the corner to the MSC and b) one at the MSC so people can see what you are doing.

    2 – The youth probably need congregate somewhere else. Sorry guys, but I usually see a good crowd of people around that small “booth” and the thought of getting in to get a card or whatever is a little daunting. You’re all great people and very friendly…you’re just blocking the table. 🙂

    3 – Flier is a great idea. Maybe tie it into a sign? 😀

    4 – Do you have lists of what’s in-stock readily available? It may help the “impulse buy” (not that we want to be promoting impulsiveness…really…) to have maybe on (or next to) the wall a (large-sized) list of what’s in stock. Like I said, I don’t do the buying. But it seems that getting information is difficult without actually speaking to a person. (gently ref #2 above.)

    5 – Maybe have Scrip forms available at the Information Center as well? (Do you already?) That would require the sign directing people to the MSC, though…

    I think the big thing is just to get the information out there.

    As for what gift cards are great for Christmas: I would think it would be cards for restaraunts, movies(theaters and rental stores), retail outlets (clothing stores, electronics, etc.). And I agree with Pam, little gift sleeves or envelopes would probably help with sales at Christmas time.

  8. Karen Cassidy

    I agree with the idea that envelopes would encourage me to give cards as gifts.

    I also dislike calling the cards Scrip. The name should not only sound more fun, but if possible the name should also show people that the funds go to the youth. Some examples: Youth Fund Fun Cards, Gifting and Giving Cards, Yield for Youth Gift Cards, Grab and Go Gift Cards, “Give ’em a hand” Gift Cards, Cornerstone Cards, Carefree Gift Cards, etc.

    I also like the idea of a Christmas flyer with a stocking shape on it. Inside the stocking you can list cards that you can buy in small denominations ($5-10). Have a lot of these on hand and encourage people to buy them as stocking stuffers. (E.g. coffee cards, video rentals, movie cards, etc.)

    Whatever form or brochure you make up should be simple and easy to read the important details quickly. Around Christmas having the youth participate in announcements in church would go a long way to reminding people to use this service for Christmas gifts. People like to see the youth get involved in their own fund-raising efforts and they are more likely to buy after an announcement than a blurb in the bulletin or an extra bulletin insert.
    I love the idea of giving kids forms to pass out to family and friends, especially around the holidays. Karen

  9. Jason Christ

    So far, the best price I can find on gift card wrappers is 16 cents from GiftCardSupplyStore.com. Any of these look interesting?

  10. Jason Christ

    By the way, lots of great ideas everyone! It’s certainly a lot to consider. Keep the ideas coming!

  11. Karen Cassidy

    How hard would it be to use one as a pattern and design a custom card cover that would have a line about the Youth raising funds with the sale of the cards? Not sure if that would it be cheaper or more expensive.

    • Jason Christ

      Are you talking about the gift card wrappers? I did find some options for custom printed ones, but those tend to be a lot more expensive so I just ignored it. It’s an interesting idea though.

      Jaime also thought it might be possible to get blank envelopes and decorate with “Stamp It Up” or similar.

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