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I’m told that children like routine. Truth be told, I’m a big fan of it myself.

Summer “vacation” was lots of fun, but it’s great to be getting back into a normal routine and rhythm. Between Workcamp, two weddings, National Youth Gathering travel and other stuff, it’s been difficult tracking when I need to be where and doing what.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve only blogged 3 times in the last month and a half, party because of the craziness of summer. This is your warning that I’ll be more regular about it again. So if you haven’t unsubscribed already, now’s your chance!

(Of course, I hope you continue to stick around…)


  1. Tim

    I’ll be here.

  2. sweetsoup

    Looking forward to more of your voice, Jason. I know what you mean about routine! Almost 49 years old and I’m learning how much I love routine and giving myself permission to create it for myself.

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