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Googling First Trinity

I’m a compulsive Google user.  I might even have a Google addiction.  But they are so stinking cool I can’t resist.  A few months ago, I found a website that suggested you should list your business in the Google Local Business Center. Theoretically, it helps people find your business.

So I added First Trinity.  Check out our listing.  Tonight I got an email telling me that I can now log in and see stats about how people find us and what they do with our listing once there.  Here are some interesting statistics about how people Googled us in the last 30 days:

  • Our listing showed up 633 times.
  • There were 65 actions taken:
    • 10 Clicks for more info on Google Maps.
    • 27 Clicks for driving directions.
    • 28 Clicks to our website.
  • Top Search Queries (impressions):
    • First Trinity Lutheran Church (56)
    • Churches (45)
    • Preschool (45)
    • Church (32)
    • Daycare (26)
    • Trinity Lutheran Church (22)
    • Preschools (21)
    • Child Care (19)
    • Lutheran Churches (19)
    • Christian Schools (16)
  • Where the driving directions requests came from (requests):
    • Buffalo 14202 (7)
    • Buffalo 14224 (6)
    • Hamburg 14075 (4)
    • Amherst 14068 (3)
    • Buffalo 14228 (3)
    • Angola 14006, Buffalo 14217, Lockport 14094, Summersville 26651 (1 each) [Note: Summersville is where we’re looking at staying on our way home from the Workcamp. That may have been me looking]
  • Our listing went live on May 1, 2009.  We were averaging 15 impressions/day through May 25. Our average from May 26 through June 11 is 31.7.

So I was inspired to go ahead and connect our profile with some videos and added some office hours and worship times.  We’ll see if it increases traffic.

EDIT: We get 10 pictures to place in our profile.  One is a picture of our facility so people will recognize it.  The remaining 9 are to be decided.  Help us choose!  Check out the following places for your favorite pictures of First Trinity:

Try to find pictures that match these simple statements:

  • Where People Matter
  • Rooted and Relevant
  • Celebrating Life Together

Happy hunting!


  1. debbieferrante

    That is pretty cool Jason. I’m glad we have a techy on our team. Since there were over 100 searches that could possibly be interested in our preschool I think it would be good to have some photos showing that.

    • Jason Christ

      Great idea. Let me know which photos you find that fit the three 3-word statements above.

  2. Eric Fesmire

    Just out of curiosity…are those three simple statements from our Branding exercises? I wish we had better pictures from worship – which could show us being rooted and relevant as well as celebrating life. Unfortunately, they are hard to get in the sanctuary and there just aren’t that many.

    Maybe Paul G could take some? One from each of the two Sunday services???

    • Jason Christ

      I have no comment at this time on your first question.

      I think it would be great for Paul to get some pictures. Maybe he can come in during a rehearsal and get the shots so he doesn’t have to be so far away?

  3. chuckwhited

    That is very interesting. It is exciting.

  4. Kathy

    I agree with Debbie. As someone who answers the phone for the many preschool inquiries, we also need more preschool info on the website. Are there any pictures of Sunbeam Sunday?

  5. Kathy

    Silly me – there are tons of Sunbeam Sunday pictures right on the website. We still need more preschool information there.

    • Jason Christ

      To clarify, these are not pictures that will be on the website. You can suggest pictures that are already on the website that will be copied over to our Google Local Business Listing.

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