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Learning New Emotional Responses

Interesting experience today. A strut went out on my car. Long story short: it cost $900 to repair. I heard the number and immediately panicked. I panicked because that’s been my learned response to unexpected bills for about 10 years. How were we going to pay for this?

It was a silly response I guess. We actually have the money to pay for it with cash. It comes from our emergency fund, which we set up as part of our financial journey these last 8 months.

The problem is that for years this kind of thing overwhelmed me. It was as if the spirit of fear had come over me. It felt like three years ago when we would have had to pay for this on credit and not known what to do when that bill came due.

As we talked about it, Jaime said we might have to relearn our emotional responses to situations like this. We no longer have to be slaves to the spirit of fear because by the grace of God, we are living in a way that we don’t need to panic about these sudden expenses.

In Christ, we have the Spirit of Power, not the spirit of fear. Sometimes, though, it takes a while to let go of the learned “spirit of fear” response and trust in the Spirit of Power instead.


  1. Tim

    Jason, suggest you blog about your financial walk from time to time. It will be an encouragement to your readers in that many are floundering. Maybe you could due a series: Month 1; Month2….

    After Sue’s Ramsey class last evening we talked and felt that this stuff should be mandatory for all 18 year olds (with a refresher at 24:) ) Also, that these videos and the study questions could be used by Life Groups of all ages.

  2. chuckwhited

    You should sell your car and buy a segway.

  3. Karen C.

    I love this blog because it is SO TRUE! I too had that “emotional” response to problems. I used to let fear and emotions lead me to react instead of respond. Doing things God’s way means we can respond His way instread of our own!

  4. Cathi

    I think this can relate to a lot of the big struggles in life. We feel pretty good about how we’re doing with a challenge, and then something throws us for a loop. Big struggles like finances, hurt feelings, bad choices, getting stuck in the past, etc. Prayer seems like a good response when you’re revisiting past worries…

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