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I didn’t watch the American Idol results show last night.  Turns out, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.  What were they thinking?  Using the save on Matt Giraud?  How incredibly dumb.

I can only imagine what Kelsey will say about this after they didn’t save Scott… 🙂

Well, here are the Fantasy Idol standings, reflecting Matt’s saved status:

Addie’s Auntie Jen 30
Kat 30
Lisa Criste 30
Phyllis 30
Kelsey 28
Tracy Bramwell 28
Zach Attack 28
Caroline Criste 26
Jaime 26
Kathy 26
Kristina Beras 26
Suzer Steege 26
Mark Bramwell 24
Jason Christ 22

I am doomed to finish in last place I think.  The only question now is how far out of first I’ll finish.


  1. T-Bone

    Matt is one of my picks! He has had some strong weeks. They can only use the save until there are 5 left so they kinda were running out of time. Next week (disco) they will eliminate 2 and be down to 5.

  2. Kelsey

    Yeah, next week Adam can be in the bottom 2 b/c people didn’t vote and they won’t be able to save him! This could all work for the better! (Though I still think they should have saved Scott and that he is way better than Jason thinks!) lol

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