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Fantasy Update

So I forgot to post the Fantasy Idol stats the last two weeks.  Here’s how we stand after 4 people have been eliminated:

Addie’s Auntie Jen 24
Kat 24
Kelsey 24
Lisa Criste 24
Phyllis 24
Zach Attack 24
Tracy Bramwell 23
Caroline Criste 21
Jaime 21
Kathy 21
Kristina Beras 21
Suzer Steege 21
Mark Bramwell 20
Jason Christ 18

Yes, that’s me at the bottom. 

My prospects are looking much better in our First Trinity bracket challenge.  At worst, I finish 2nd this evening behind Kathy Figini if Michigan State wins.  At best, I finish 1st if North Carolina wins.  Here’s hoping the Tarheels win!

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  1. Pastor Chuck

    Stupid basketball tourney!

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