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Technotheologist or Theotechnologist?

Sue’s brother Pete sent me a message on LinkedIn when we connected recently, mentioning that he liked the way I straddle the theological and technological worlds, then presented the two terms above to describe me.  I like them both, but I’m not sure which I’d pick to describe me.  Which would you pick and why?


  1. sweetsoup

    I like them both. If pushed, I’d pick Technotheologist because I think your theologism (?) who you are and the tech stuff modifies that. Theology is the noun. Technology is the adjective.
    Leave it to Peter to get this discussion started. He’s a cool dude.

    • Jen

      Great minds think alike….techno is just an adjective that more narrowly defines what type of theologist J is….

      Perhaps a more accurate term would be baby-toting Dilbert-loving Chipotle-craving technotheologist.

  2. ericwfesmire

    Technotheologist – you use technology to study and teach theology. Theology is the focus, technology is the tool. Kind of like what Sue said.

    A theotechnologist strikes me as someone who goes around touting the godlike properties of electronic gadgets…most of which no one can afford! 🙂

  3. Jason Christ

    Hrmm… Good points both of you! I hear Technotheologist and I think of a mix between a techno-music band (there’s a limitless supply here) comprised of pastors. I don’t know…

  4. Tracy

    I vote for technotheologist. (You and Pete are both geeks!)

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