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Fantasy Idol 2009

It’s almost time to start our Fantasy Idol season again.  It seems the process for choosing a Top 12 is different yet again.  There seem to be 3 weeks of 12 singers each (the Final 36).  Each week, three winners will be chosen.  There will then presumably be some method for getting the extra 3 singers back into the mix to round out the top 12. 

Our rules will be a little different this time, however.  Each player in the pool will be given 6 points to distribute among the finalists as you see fit.  For example, you could take 6 different finalists and give each person one point.  Or you could pick 3 people and give each 2 points.  You get the number of points you’ve assigned to each contestant added to your score each week they survive.  For example:

My picks are:

  • John Doe: 2 points
  • Jane Smith: 3 points
  • Jimmy Johnson: 1 point

Now, John makes it 3 weeks, Jimmy 5 and Jane only 1.  My point total would now be:

  • John Doe: 2 points X 3 weeks = 6
  • Jane Smith: 3 points X 1 week = 3
  • Jimmy Johnson: 1 point x 5 weeks = 5
  • Total Score: 14 points

At the end of the season, the person with the most points wins.

I’ll release the details for how to give me your picks once we get a little farther along, including when the deadline to pick will be.


  1. Eric Fesmire

    Is that Jimmy Johnson the football coach…or Jimmy Johnson the NASCAR driver??? Either way, shouldn’t he be worth more than one point? 😀

  2. Jason Christ

    The football guy, maybe. Not so much the NASCAR one. I’m just not that into the NASCAR thing.

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