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Super Sunday

It was good to be back from New Orleans and at church with all my church friends/family.  It felt like I was gone for weeks instead of days!

Crazy morning today as I was down 2 small group leaders, but it gave me a chance to sit in on one of the groups which was fun.  Picked up a few more sign-ups for the Sawmill Creek trip and had a good number of sales at the Scrip table. 

I’m looking forward to relaxing this evening and watching the Superbowl, especially the commercials.  I’m curious to see what the tone will be in the current economy as companies spend $5 million on production and airtime while people are losing jobs left and right.  I’m especially interested in the 1 second comericial.


  1. Tim

    Missed the 1 second commercial. My reaction to the game is simply: WOW and OW!

    Halftime did nothing for me.

  2. Tracy

    Not a fan of the Boss, Tim? I am not a big fan but I thought he was quite good and looked like he was enjoying himself.

    Commercials have been a dissappointment the last few years – this year too. A few good ones.

  3. Eric Fesmire

    Missed the 1-sec commercial too…and I thought I saw all of them. Largely dissappointed in the commercials myself – thought some of the better ones actually came later in the game.

    Game was great – and I’m not a huge football fan (my weekend is in two weeks with the Daytona 500!). With family in PA, we were on the side of the Steelers, but both teams kept us guessing until the end. Love it that way!

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