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Irritated, Not Excited

For two years now, we’ve made a master calendar for all youth events.  I like the idea because it helps parents plan ahead.  The down side is that when you forget to include something on the master master calendar (the one that includes all my personal and non-youth related church stuff), conflicts arise.

One such conflict is happening next week.  I forgot to include my National Youth Gathering planning meeting in the master master calendar.  So it means I won’t be at the Baptismal Remembrance event for our Cornerstone Youth, nor will we be doing a winter camping trip with the High School.  The Crossroads youth probably are ok with that since we’re doing Lasertron instead. 

I’m really frustrated with myself for the scheduling conflict, and not looking forward to the trip.  In addition to missing a cool youth event, I’ll also be missing 4 days of Addison’s young life.  My first (of many, I’m sure!) time away from Addison will undoubtedly be difficult.  Please pray that I’ll have a better attitude about going on this trip!


  1. alicia z

    Addison is too young to remember that her dad left her for four days to go to a meeting. Many, many dads have to go on business trips. As long as your kid knows you love her and you’ll be back soon, chances are good that she’ll be fine (in the long run). You may get some good ole kid guilt when she’s old enough to figure out how to use it to her benefit. Look forward to that! haha

  2. Jason Christ

    Yea, that’s what I keep telling myself!

  3. Darcy F

    Yeah, better not buy her a gift while you are gone! Patterns you may not want to repeat! 😉

    • Jason Christ

      But a French Quarter Onesie might be just what the doctor ordered!

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