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Historic Day

Today is the inauguration of Barack Obama.  Love him, hate him or don’t care, it’s an historic day for our country.  In celebration, I give you, The Grunting One:

Addison Obamicon

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  1. Judi

    Oh my gosh, I love it!!! and yay, for the excitement of today!!

  2. alicia z

    Finally, hope has come to this country. I cried several times today watching the inauguration. Did you hear that he quoted a scripture in his speech? By Paul, something like, it’s time to put away childish things. I am finally encouraged, as are so many Americans. And that will be good for the country as well.

  3. Jason Christ

    I did catch the quote. It was from 1 Corinthians 13:11. It wasn’t exactly used in the same context as Scripture uses it. I’m not usually a fan of taking things out of context, but whatever. This at least was less annoying that American Idol using “I Can Only Imagine” as the backdrop song for a contestant who made it through to Hollywood. I hope Mercy Me asks them not to use the song anymore.

    It always seems to be the same during elections: candidates make everything seem so simple to solve, like they have all the answers, then backpedal once elected and talk about how it’s a long road to fixing things. I heard it again today. I wish they were more honest up front, since anyone with any knowledge of our situation knows there are no quick fixes.

    I hope and pray that Obama brings good things to our country, but I suppose only time will tell. I certainly wish him well, but I fear things will get worse before they get better. I’m thankful our hope as Christians is not in human hands though.

  4. alicia z

    Well, he did go to a prayer service this morning before starting work. I really believe he trusts and relies on our Lord for his help in everything. That can only help us all in the long run. Sometimes, God takes His sweet time answering prayers, so please think about that before saying that Obama isn’t accomplishing what he has promised.

  5. Jason Christ

    I wasn’t commenting on his faith, merely that the verse was used out of context.

    I’m also not passing judgment on his effectiveness as a leader–nor as an answer to prayers–merely stating that time will show whether he was effective or not, just like it does for every other president.

    George Bush could be considered a good president in 50 years when the full effects of his actions are known. Or he could be a horrible one. But we don’t know until time has run its course and we see the full effects.

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