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Getting the Hang of Things

Today has been the best day with Addison so far.  Feeding is becoming easier as both mom and daughter get the hang of the process.  Addie has been less fussy today, sleeping longer in-between feedings and generally crying less than normal.  We’re doing so well, in fact, that we’re planning on coming home tomorrow (Saturday) instead of waiting until Sunday.  Jaime’s mom will be coming into town so we’ll have added help through Thursday, so it seems like we’ll be ok.  Maybe those are famous last words.  🙂

I’m planning to be at church on Sunday, but no Jaime or Addison this week or possibly next because of the C-Section.  If you’re interested in meeting Addison, you’re welcome to come visit at our house if you live in the area.  Just give us a call first so we can figure out if it’s a good time or not. 🙂


  1. Tarrie

    Sounds like things are going well!! Being a perent is fun but scary isn’t it?! When I had Kaira I was soooo excited and proud to fill out her birth certificate information. It was so exciting to have this life with a certificate number that was mine to love and care for. Then I had Matthew eight years later(older and wiser and more aware of the responsiblities of parenting). When they brought me the paperwork I had a wave of anxiety and panicked!!! Oh my gosh this is not like getting a puppy, now I have two children attached to me with birth certificate numbers! I’m totally responsible for them and I can’t just take them to the SPCA!!!! Anyways, the panic subsided and motherly instinct kicked in, but parenting is a rollercoaster ride like that, the ups and the downs and the twists and turns! But somehow its’s just worth it when you look into their smiling eyes, or kiss them on the cheek while they are sleeping peacefully!!! Praying for you !-Tarrie

  2. Debbie C.

    Glad to hear things are going well. Hugs to all of you, and an extra kiss for precious little Addison!

  3. Cheryl

    I’m glad to hear that all are doing well. Pics of Addison are so sweet. I wish I was closer so I could get my arms around her. Blessings and congrats. Love ya, Cheryl

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