You may be surprised that I’m posting at all, but sometimes I just need to wind down a bit before bed, even if today was exhausting as we continue learning about being parents.  Here are few random thoughts on my mind tonight:

  • Hard to believe we’re actually parents.  Fun, exciting, scary, all at the same time.
  • We’re so thankful for the support network we have. Our family, friends and church family have been so kind to us.  It’s overwhelming sometimes!
  • Love the new WordPress 2.7 interface.  I knew it was coming, but fun to see it up.  You probably don’t notice anything different unless you blog here.  I’m thinking of writing a tutorial on Open Church, but probably don’t have the time now.  🙂
  • Having a baby is good for your blog.  I made it to #63 on the fasting growing blogs list on WordPress, thanks to Addison.  Score!  (And welcome to all the guests!)
  • I went through 70+ conversations in Gmail in about 40 minutes.  Only tagged about 5 for later followup.  I’m glad I learned how to type!
  • I fear my RSS Reader will take much longer to get through.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow at the hospital by taking Reader offline!

Ok, that’s all.  Good night.  Or good morning most likely.  🙂