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A Boy Named Sue

When Sue is away from worship and I’m filling in for her in some capacity, I like to tell people that I’m playing the role of Sue that day.  The best interactions usually come from Kathy and Kristina in the Kingdom Quest area.

This past weekend I got to do the Children’s Message (idea came from Sue by the way) and a Baptism.  So instead of Sue, I got to charge little Nia to “let her light so shine before men that they might see her good deeds and praise her Father in heaven.”  It’s fun to be up there for baptisms.  I was thinking while I was up there: The next time I’m here will be with Addison.  Pretty awesome to think about.

I was also catching up on some blog reading and found this well-timed graphic release from The Plow.  I’m wondering if it will work for baptism slides at FT. 


  1. Kristina

    So I was thinking…will that make you “Pastor Sue” this weekend?

  2. Jason Christ

    Perhaps. 🙂

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