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Feedback Friday: Start of Christmas

Looks like the beach won out for vacation spots.  Not too surprising there.

This past weekend, I picked up a copy of Casting Crowns’ latest CD, a Christmas one.  I was listening after importing it into iTunes in my office when Sue complained that it was too early to start listening to Christmas music.  Last night, Jim Passage complained about all the Christmas ads on television already.  So here’s the question:


  1. Jaime

    I usually hate it when Christmas starts too soon, but I must say that this year I am already getting in a Christmasy mood. I think it’s because our baby is due around Thanksgiving, so we are not planning much… so I’m mentally on to the next holiday already!

  2. Kristina

    Working in retail I’ve always thought that Christmas starts WAY too soon. I was one of the (so far) 90% who think it shouldn’t start until Thanksgiving week. However, I too got the new Christmas CD from Casting Crowns and have already listened to it as I imported it. I’ve also been listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra, however I keep telling myself it’s ok because I’m just getting ready to go to their concert (even though it’s not until the first week of December).

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