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Billboard #1s

Continuing the theme of new things in Student Ministry this year, we’ve added a new series to the Crossroads Sunday School:


The Sunday before the series starts, we’ll be voting on some of the top songs at Billboard’s music charts.  The highest vote-getter will be the basis for our lesson the following week.  The plan is to look at popular culture and see what spiritual issues it raises and what the Bible says about those things.  Most of our students are listening to this music, so we want to explore it with them and teach the skills to identify those spiritual issues and bring them back to the Scriptures on their own.

This song probably won’t make the list (thanks to The Plow):

How did Christian music ever make it out of the early days?


  1. sweetsoup

    O MY. This video absolutely cracks me up. Good thing Jesus is OK with having weird friends.

  2. Jaime

    Wow. I expected it to be bad but this might be the very worst Christian song I have ever heard. Ever. It’s so bad I think I need to post it on Facebook.

  3. Chuck Whited

    I love that song! I have it on my ipod – twice – by all the popular artist. Susan wanted it at our wedding. Feel free to borrow my copies any time. Just make sure you give it back. Our anniversary is coming up.

  4. ELISA

    For as awful as it is, I can’t get that silly little song out of my head. Isn’t that a sign of effective advertising?!
    It has a very PBS kiddie-show qualifty to it. Maybe they could use it on Sesame Street!

  5. Jason Christ

    Maybe Eric and the band could do a rendition for us as the sending song one week. 🙂

  6. Alicia Z

    Seriously, how did they NOT crack up LAUGHING while they made this song??? It could be a skit from Saturday Night Live (and maybe we don’t know it?). I must agree that it is catchy…like a bad cold.

  7. Darcy F

    Back to the POINT…LOL…I LOVE that idea for Crossorads! Highly relevant and teaching discernment! Excellent!

    FYI – I haven’t even watched the video yet cuz I’m not sure I want to deal with it! 🙂

  8. Eric F

    Idea for Crossroads is great – there are lots of lessons (good and bad) that we can learn from watching our culture and linking that to Scripture. It’s what Jesus himself did with parables. Great thought.

    As for the video clip: I need to see what’s on either side of that…cause that CAN’T be real. It has to be some kind of parody…it just has to be… 🙂

  9. Eric F

    Oh, and about the band Jason…


  10. Tracy

    HILARIOUS! My favorite line was that he calls his music “rock & roll.” I agree – Eric & the band could do a version of this (think Devo, Eric). Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Jason Christ

    If you don’t like that one, there’s this one.

  12. ELISA

    I was thinking DEVO! I wonder if we can come up with some of those red flower pot hats….

  13. Anna

    I must say Eric please don’t ever play anything in this catagory ever lol and stay strong against the peer pressure of the MANY other people who want to hear this 🙂

  14. Eric F

    Anna – If they want to hear this, they can re-visit this page and play the video again. I remember DEVO…

    No! 🙂

  15. Darcy F

    OK – I finally broke down and watched it. Why does the lead guy remind me of an Oompa Loompa?

  16. Jason Christ

    Could be

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