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Prayer and Praise

Found the video below at Ragamuffin Soul via Catablog:

The song is just ok for me, but I love his passionate reading Isaiah 53:1-5 from The Message.  More interesting, is the website the publisher set up for the song

I’m not for isolating ourselves from other churches, but there’s something awesome about a local body of Christ supporting one another through prayer.  Wouldn’t it be neat we had something similar at First Trinity

Maybe it’s online at our website that Joe Z does such great work on.

Or maybe it’s just a section of wall with butcher paper from floor to ceiling where people can write prayer requests and praise reports. 

Maybe it’s off the beaten path on Sunday morning (is there somewhere not on the beaten path?) where people could not only write, but actually stop and pray, together or individually. 

Cool stuff.

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  1. Joe Zimmerman

    Thanks for the shout out, Jason. I can look into seeing if we could integrate a bulletin board functionality to the website, if that seems to make sense. Keep me posted on the idea.

    Joe Z.

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