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Hypermiling: Tank 2

Filled up for the first time since June 23.  Vacation and Workcamp really cut down on my summer driving, which is nice considering the prices for gas.  I ended up going 354.1 miles on 9.478 gallons of gas.  That’s a 37.36 MPG average.  Which means I’ve made my first goal already and only need to squeeze 3 MPGs out to meet my 40 MPG goal.

I suspect the next 3 MPGs will be significantly harder to achieve than the 10 I picked up since the first experiment.  Up next:

  • Timing the light out of the parking lot at church.  4 out of 5 times, I start my car, pull into the street and have to wait for the light to change.  I usually turn the car off there since it’s a long light, but I think I can improve it so I only have to do one startup.
  • Time exits from stores/shops to Niagara Falls Blvd and other busy roads.  I turned the car on this morning after getting gas and had to wait 20-25 seconds to get out of the station.
  • More pull-through parking at stores to avoid the reverse/stop/forward motion.
  • Replace spark plugs?  I’m told this could help my mileage and I don’t remember when it was done last.
  • Empty the trunk.  I keep lots of stuff in my trunk for no other reason than the old “I might need that someday while I’m out” excuse. 

I also sunk to a new low yesterday.  I was coasting into my driveway as usual and didn’t have quite enough momentum to get into the garage.  I was 3/4 of the way in and couldn’t bring myself to restart the car.  So I pulled a Fred Flintstone for the last 3 feet.


  1. Alicia Z

    Do you have a hole in the floor for your feet? That’s funny!

  2. Judi

    You would probably make me crazy riding in a car with you!! 🙂 But good job on increasing your gas mileage, but doesn’t doing more start ups decrease gas mileage?

  3. Jason Christ

    If you have to turn the key to start the car, it does. By popping the clutch, you’re using the energy from your forward motion to start the car instead of spending gas to get it started. The mysterious “they” say starting your car is the equivalent of 30 seconds of idling your car.

  4. Tim

    Just a question. How much more time does it take you to get to/fm work using these techniques?

    AND what is your time worth compared to the savings in gas costs?

  5. Jason Christ

    There’s almost no increase in time to/from work as I keep up with traffic, pretty much like I’ve always done. At worst, I’d guess it’s a 2 minute difference occasionally, but I’ve not timed it to be sure. In any event, I don’t notice a difference, so I’m not too concerned with the time factor.

  6. livingclean

    That’s great to see a hypermiling success. I am linking to this post. Flinstone! Fantastic. Who needs gas anyway? Couldn’t we all use a bit of excercise?

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