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That’s how many DVDs we own.  It’s also how many days until our little one is expected to arrive (Nov 29, 2008).  (Longish story ahead, skip to the bullets for some good deals!)

Jaime and I are getting ready for the baby, and one of our family goals is for Jaime to stay home with baby.  We’ve never had to be extremely disciplined financially because we’ve been DINKs until now.  In order to go down to one income, we’re taking Sue Whited’s Good Sense Course.  She’s agreed to do it for us in a 1 on 2 setting since we can’t be at the class when it’s offered on Sunday mornings during the education hour (which, btw, you should take next time it’s offered).

One of the principles for good money management is to pay off all your debts as quick as possible.  They suggest living the Spartan lifestyle, spending as little as possible and even selling off possessions to help get out of debt faster.  It’s good advice.

Inspired by another Sue, we’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone.  We’re getting rid of around 90 DVDs.  Jaime got to pick 10 DVDs to save, I picked 50, and the baby picked 19 (that’s how many children’s DVDs we own).  That’s more than half the collection I’ve spent 10 years building.  The MSRP (which we didn’t even come close to paying) for the ones we’re getting rid of is $2,559.04.  That’s 12.86 iPhone 3Gs, but who’s counting… 

So here’s the deal: The 90 we’re getting rid of are available for purchase to blog readers until Sunday, June 22.  Some details:

  • I don’t endorse all of the movies as wholesome flix.  Some date back to my college years, when I was less discerning.  Others I deemed acceptable for me to watch, but don’t necessarily recommend for others.
  • All DVDs are in good condition to the best of my knowledge.  If it doesn’t play on your player, I’ll refund the money.
  • All DVDs cost $5 with a few exceptions:
    • Spider-Man 3, Shawshank Redemption, X-Men 3 — $10 each, unopened.
    • The Office, Season 1 — $20, unopened
    • Alias Seasons 1-3 — $25 each
    • Die Hard Ultimate Box (Movies 1-3) — $15
    • Seinfeld, Season 1-2 — $15
    • Jurassic Park 1 and 2 — $10, sold as a box-set.
  • First come, first served for purchasing DVDs.  Email me or leave it in the comments.
  • I’m not shipping movies.
  • I’ll deliver movies to Cleveland, Ohio around July 4 for anyone purchasing from that area.  It’s up to you to meet me somewhere convenient for the hand-off.
  • People in the Buffalo area can pick them up from First Trinity or by arrangement with me.
  • Movies not sold by June 22 will go on Craig’s List at $8/movie with the same exceptions as above.  You can still purchase them after that date at the blog rate if you identify yourself as a blog reader.
  • All the money we get (hopefully between $500-$750) will go towards eliminating one of our school loans, whichever is lower when we go to make the payment.

And now, the DVDs that are available:


  1. Janet Christ

    Does this mean I owe you $25 for the Babylon 5 Series that I borrowed and never returned? or is that one of your 50? No shipping required!

  2. Jason Christ

    I included the Babylon 5 sets and Firefly in my 50. 🙂

  3. Eric F

    Hey…I’ll take “The Phantom Menace” (Star Wars #1) – I have it on VHS (yes…VHS still exists out there and some of us know what it is!!!) and the tape is in pretty sad shape. Okay, it’s just the tape door that’s broke, but…


  4. Jason Christ

    You got it!

  5. Darcy F

    Thinking we may want War Games and Stargate as well. I have to say – it is pretty funny how obvious which movies are his and which are hers! 🙂

  6. Jason Christ

    It is kinda obvious. Jaime and her sci-fi, war addiction… Who knew!?

  7. Pam S

    I’ll take Independence Day and Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Thanks!

  8. Jaime

    Speaking of obvious, Jason came home and told me Eric wanted the Star Wars movie… 😉

  9. BDO

    Consider posting what is left of the DVDs on Giving Works(http://givingworks.ebay.com/). That way a small portion of the proceeds can go to a worthwhile cause.

    Might I suggest BeatingDebt.org.


  10. Jason Christ

    I’m not a fan of using eBay for this as I don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping. I’ll see what’s left after Craig’s List, however, and might check it out.

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