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Ummm… No.

Strange thing happened to me this evening.  I was about to go into a Workcamp Adult Leadership Team meeting when a young man asked if he could hang some posters up for a community event.  I asked what he was advertising and he got a poster out for me to look at.  The event?  A seminar for parents talking about how to raise your kids without religion.  Seriously? 

“I don’t think we’re interested, but thanks for stopping by.”  I wish I had more time to talk with him to see why he thought it was a good idea to advertise at our church.


  1. Judi

    Interesting. I wonder what goes through his thought process to think that trying to advertise in a church would be effective. Wonder if he went to other area churches as well? Reminds me of something you’d see posted on the boards while waiting for the subway somewhere (you know the imaginary subway in Buffalo) 🙂

  2. Judi

    Ok what is up with the scary avatar on my post? Does that do that automatically? It frightens me.

  3. Sue

    I was on the phone and saw that guy walk in with his posters…this is a crazy world!!!

  4. Jason Christ

    The Avatars are automatically generated if you don’t have one. You can sign up for an account and upload your own Avatar at WordPress.com. Maybe I’ll change the random avatars to a new theme later today…

  5. Chuck Whited

    Too bad there was no time to witness. One of the comments that really bothers me is, “I will let my children grow up and decide for themselves.” How careless can a parent be?

  6. Chuck Whited

    At least I didn’t get that mean Avatar.

  7. Alicia Z

    Yeah, I was there when this happened. I didn’t know that guy was WAITING to ask someone if he could put up the poster or else I may have said something. I also thought this would’ve been a good witnessing opportunity, had I known what he wanted. But, my question was, “Is this guy clueless as to WHERE he wants to post this?” I suppose he may have been more clueless about Jesus. Or maybe we’re all taking it the wrong way. Maybe it was a seminar about how “religion” doesn’t help our children–but having a relationship with Jesus does. (here’s hoping I get a cool avatar!)…

  8. Jason Christ

    Alicia: You did get a cool avatar! 🙂

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