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AI: The Boys (Week 3)

Luke Menard should go home this week.  I’m hard-pressed to pick another, but it would probably be Chikezie.  I completely forgot he was still in the competition.  That’s got to mean something.

I immediately liked Jason Castro’s song choice.  I heard a really good version of that song once, but I can’t seem to find the version I heard.  Here’s a great version of the original recording…

Or not… The closest to the one I heard in the past is used in this OC video montage.  It might be the Jeff Buckley version that Simon mentioned.  I can’t decide.  Allison Crowe, a Canadian singer, has a pretty good version as well.

Overall, Idol was a pretty good show this evening.  David Cook probably had the best performance.  Jaime guessed David Archuleta would do Groovy Kind of Love.  After I heard that, I was disappointed with his choice.


  1. Jaime

    I think I figured out how you know the song. Lincoln Brewster covered it, changing the lyrics, and we have the songs in our library.

  2. Jason Christ

    Yup. That’s the one. I must have heard the original lyrics at some point because I knew them once he started singing (the first verse anyway), but this definitely where I know the tune from.

  3. Tracy

    We taped the boys and watched it right before the girls. I didn’t care for Danny’s take on “Tainted Love.” However, I do think he should have his own TV show! The guys are all so different from each other and getting better. I did not know the Jason Castro song and since it wasn’t a well known song, that may hurt him.
    The girls – also hard to pick who should go home. Kady and then it is hard.

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