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A Lasting Change

With Pastor Whited out of town in Haiti, I’m covering services this weekend again.  He started a new series last week titled “Questions for the New Year.”  He covered some general questions, but I get the first specific question in the series, “How Can I Make a Lasting Change?”  I just finished the first draft of the outline, which is much earlier than I was expecting to have it done.  I used the extra time to make a graphic for the series.  I’m a bit of a hack, having very little design knowledge/creativity, but knowing my way around graphics software.  I think real designers might not like people like me.

So, because I can’t actually draw anything, I’ve just gone with a basic font treatment for the graphic:


It’s nothing fancy, but I like it better than just a plain old boring text at the top of the outline.  Look for more about the sermon in the coming days, plus we’ll have a special follow-up to the sermon that we plan to make a regular feature, at least on a trial basis.  Fun stuff!


  1. Kim

    I like it! Looking forward to your sermon. ~ Kim

  2. Eric F

    Always a graphic with you. Good thing they look pretty cool – one might start to wonder what the point of your hacking abilities is 🙂

    Looks good. I enjoy and appreciate anything we can do to relate to the world around us. Since everything has a graphic, why not a sermon series?

  3. cadetkberas

    I like when you do the sermon too. Less work for us on the projection team 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your sermon. Can’t wait to see the cool graphic on the big screen! – Kristina

  4. Jason Christ

    Hey, I’m all about less work. 🙂 I like doing my own PowerPoints because it’s part of the development process for the sermon. It’s helpful for organizing my thoughts and phrasing to make the slides myself. Looking forward to this weekend’s message!

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