I seem to have impeccable timing.  For some unexplained reason, my laptop has decided to be difficult right before the Christmas season when I’ll be traveling and need it to keep up on emails and work stuff while away.   For some reason, it has decided to always run the CPU at full load, making everything load extremely slow.  I waited 6 minutes for a login prompt and then another 25 before the desktop was actually up and clickable.  Nothing opens, really, but it’s there at least.  I’m hoping Brian will be by soon and be able to fix it, otherwise I’ll be stuck without it for the Christmas season.

Due to the lack of a computer, I won’t be able to post the audio for last night’s Cornerstone until mine is fixed.  As usual, it was a fun night as we discussed the 7th Commandment, most notably as it relates to stealing music through file sharing services.  I’ll post more on it when I do the writeup with the audio link.