Word on the street is that there’s going to be a big snow storm late this evening and early tomorrow morning. Not being a big fan of snow, I can’t say I’m happy about this. It was already getting started this morning as I drove to Joshua’s Men at the church. Since neither of us enjoy the snow, Jaime and I decided that it would be a good day to get out the Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Decorations

We also splurged and purchased some new Christmas songs from the iTunes Music Store. The new playlist:

Chris Tomlin needs to come out with a Christmas album, as does David Crowder (who has a single song, Feliz Navidad, that I can’t bring myself to purchase).  Relient K has a great take on the songs we purchased, plus several others.  They’re always a good listen if you like rock/punk.

And now, for being such a trooper while decorating, I get to sit and watch a little bit of the OU-Missouri football game to see if my Buckeyes back their way into the National Title Game.  I’d like to see it happen because I’m a fan, but also because it just looks bad for the BCS.  They really need a new system…